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Anna Cousins

The Queen Of Bodyweight Training

The Queen Of Bodyweight Training!

Hi. I am a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Weight Management Coach with a growing following on social media and YouTube. My methods have been developed from years of practice and constantly experimenting with new ways to get the best results. My signature bodyweight workouts build strength, fitness, power, endurance, mobility & flexibility and my approach to exercise, alongside a healthy, nutritious diet and a strong, positive mindset are the key ingredients in the successful pursuit of fitness and body confidence.

I have a positive approach and I hope you will enjoy my workout style and methods. My workout programmes do all the hard work for you, taking the guesswork away so you can just turn up, log in and get it done. I am passionate about helping people discover a completely unique way of getting results, learning new skills, achieving small and big wins and ensuring that your focus is not on aesthetic goals and punishing workout schedules, but instead that you establish a new routine, a lifestyle that is both sustainable, achievable and realistic to your goals and lifestyle you wish to lead.

In the past, I used to live and breathe that busy office working life, with long commutes, the pressure to succeed, and all the stress that comes along with that way of living. That experience has been invaluable in helping me develop this platform and hopefully enables me to reach, engage with and help as many people as possible.

The majority of my workouts use body weight only – by using your body weight as resistance I will prove to you that getting in incredible shape doesn’t need to be limited to the confines of the gym. A common obstacle stopping many people from starting their fitness journey is their reluctance to travel and sign up for a gym membership or pay for costly equipment. The greatest advantage of bodyweight training is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. Learning how to generate maximum tension through the body is an important part of developing strength, power, endurance and remaining injury free. Bodyweight training sometimes has a reputation for only being suitable for building endurance and for ‘fat loss’ circuits, but I will prove to you that is not the case and using your body weight in different ways will get you incredible results.

My own personal goals aren’t about being able to bench press a certain weight, do a certain number of press-ups in a given time or deadlift a PB. I don’t lift heavy weights anymore, and I don’t stick to one workout programme or style. Variety is key to my success, my mind and my body, and it’s what makes me happy and keeps me lean and body confident. That said, I do have plenty of kettlebell and dumbbell workouts on this website and will occasionally use light weights to mix things up. This is what is important – keeping your muscles guessing constantly and consistently.

Training in any given way just because it’s a current craze is not me and it’s not how I want you to feel. Being happy and enjoying the process of getting and being fit is much more important. You should never do a workout programme if:

* You don’t like the results;
* You don’t like doing it; or
* You think you should be doing it because everyone else is.

I live in Berkshire, UK and I keep a few select personal training clients but mostly I now offer online personal training. I do also have a small team that runs boot camps and classes in my local area. Whenever I can,  I love to go to the New Forest to spend time with my 3 sisters and my mum.