Balance Is Key

08 May 2017

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08 May 2017

Balance Is Key

One size doesn’t fit all!

I often find that “nutrition” experts try to dictate the number of carbohydrates you should eat, and what types of carbohydrates are allowed. I can’t emphasise enough the deep flaws with the “one size fits all” approach to nutrition. Everyone is different and we all respond differently to food.

What I’ve found is that carbohydrates are a variable in dropping fat. Some people can control hunger and calorie intake much better on a moderate carbohydrate, even high carbohydrate diet, while others drop fat very fast with a lower carb approach.

The delicate balance is that for some, eating too many carbs can encourage overeating and limit fat loss potential. On the other hand, too few carbohydrates may have you dropping hard earned muscle, which is obviously undesirable, and it’s your muscles that burn the most calories and speed up your metabolism. You hear of many people trying the more extreme Paleo/Atkins low carb diets but these types of diets could leave you extremely hungry and lead to disappointing results.

If you have carried excess weight your entire life, my advice is that a lower carb diet may well be effective, but this is a variable that you ultimately have to play with and adjust as you see results.

Similar to the amount of carbohydrates you eat, the amount of cardio you complete to lose the excess fat will vary from person to person. Some people can just do weights with no cardio and drop body fat; others must hit the cardio hard. HIIT Cardio and Cardio Weights Circuits (using dumb bells, TRX, kettle bells, resistance bands, your body weight and plyometric training) is very effective at helping you burn more calories and drop body fat. At the same time it will build strength and power; that’s twice the effect for the one type of exercise!

The media tend to confuse us all on what is the best way to eat and exercise but ultimately it is as straight forward as Calories in v’s Calories out. If you want to lose weight, then eat less than you burn off. That said, knowing what you eat in those calories and the way you exercise will speed up the process of achieving your weight loss goals! Balance is key and consuming a good mix of macro and micro nutrients in every meal will help you to achieve your results. Read my blog on macro and micro nutrients.

Check out my website for meal plans, food groups and lots of different workouts to help you achieve a balanced diet paired with workouts that will give you the fat burning and lean muscles building results that you desire.

Please Note: The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.