It’s ok to have goals but where’s the TLC?

09 Jun 2017

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09 Jun 2017

It’s ok to have goals but where’s the TLC?

It’s ok to have goals but where’s the TLC?
Credit to: @sophierucker

Its fair to say, the fitness industry is booming. Everyone just seems to be waking up and understanding that ‘diet and exercise’ is a load of poop and eating and training is where its at.

I read Natalie’s blog post the other day about falling of the band wagon. I’m there, well and truly at the side of the road waiting for another picker truck to pick me back up. On a serious note though, Natalie’s article uplifted my spirits and I know that no one is going to pick me back up, I have to do it myself but it’s nice to read about other peoples journey to know we’re not alone. I’ve spent some time reflecting and realised that I don’t give myself enough TLC.

I’m a planner. I have goals for days and that’s ok but when it comes to tender love and care that just goes out the window of the wagon too.

I think most people fall into the trap of being to hard on themselves, almost being too militant. Not giving yourself enough apprication on a daily/weekly basis is detrimental to long term wellness, productivity and self love. TLC is vital.

So this week I’d like to see everyone treating themselves and hashtaging #treatingwhilsteating.

My top three ways to give yourself this week:

1. Meditate
This clears the mind, especially when you have a lot to do. I’d recommend spending a minimum of 20 minutes. For the first 10minutes, unless you are an experienced meditator, you’ll find your brain will be thinking of all the things you have to do afterwards. Quietening the mind takes serious training! If you can sit for an hour then thats amazing but again, it’s all about small goals - work up to it.

2. Buy a new item of clothing
I used to be terrible for treating myself to clothes, being that person who cared to much about the environment after watching many-a-documentary about fast fashion. I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING unnecessary, I ended up with one pair of shoes in my entire wardrobe and even they had holes in during winter. I went to extreme levels and it wasn’t healthy. I was, again, far to hard on myself. It’s ok to treat yourself. I now buy as ethically sources products as I can and consider myself a conscious consumer but damn I forgot how nice it feels to be feeling fancy in something new (well, from the car boot/charity shop anyway). I got a pair of 200GBP black chelsea boots from Whistle for 2 POUNDS!

3. Have a bubble bath
There is nothing better than a good scrub in the tub. Bubbles, candles, bath bombs and a book. Put some chilled music on and wash away your worries.
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