Self Love

01 Apr 2018

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01 Apr 2018

Self Love

One of the most damaging things we can do to ourselves is constantly comparing ourselves to others, especially with how we look. Specifically I mean obsessing over supposed flaws in the mirror, secret selfie stalking on Instagram or Facebook (you know who you are!) or even while shopping – be it a celeb, a friend or a coworker, etc.

Fitness and wellbeing begins from the inside out. Why? Because you could be the fittest, prettiest person in the world and still not like what you see in the mirrow.

Instead of trying to look or be like someone else we should choose to be the best version of ourselves – again, inside and out. That means letting go of the sometimes treacherous standards of beauty that surround us like vultures, waiting to peck at our our self-esteem and sense of worth.

It’s impossible to be your best possible self if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. I know that it’s easier said than done, we all do this. We have to often look past all the false standards of beauty put out in the media, that are always telling us that who we are is not enough. Instead of motivating us to be better, these ideas and images do the exact opposite, they remind us that we’re not good enough. It’s not a healthy or happy way to live.

Also, when it comes to our bodies we are all blessed with different shapes and sizes. This is something that younger women sometimes forget in their quests to look like someone else. Some of us are short or lanky, have long legs and short torsos, long torsos and short legs etc.

You have to remember that these are just the shapes we are blessed with and should treat them as such! I’m sure we’ve all purchased an outfit or borrowed something from a friend that looked stunning on them only to have it look like a potato sack or be too small on us when we got home

When you’re working out with me in MyFitZone, it’s never about abandoning who you are for something new, but about transforming into your best possible self. Remember this always: I’m here to build you up, not break you down. All that being said, when it comes to your progress and times in my workouts, it can sometimes be motivating to compete with someone else (or me) but don’t compare yourself. That’s why I love to do workouts again and beat my personal best. If you’re busy comparing your progress with yourself then it can be easier to stop comparing yourself to everyone else. It can help build confidence and pride in your progress.

Hope this has helped remind you that happiness comes easier when you stop comparing yourself to others. I know we all do it, and it sometimes helps to have a friendly reminder.

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