10 Minute Fat Burn


These 10 minute workouts are incredibly challenging and effective. You’ll get the conditioning benefits of cardio, as well as strengthening, toning and improving your posture and flexibility. 

Take as little rest as possible without losing form....this will not only ensure that you get the toning AND cardio benefits but also take your body into a fat melting zone. 

If you feel like you are losing form then rest, compose yourself, and go for it. I offer plenty of variations to my workouts so make sure you use these if you are not getting your technique correct. 

You will see that the majority of these workouts are TRI workouts - TRAIN.REPEAT.IMPROVE...this is exactly what you should be doing, use the downloadable PDF's to track your progress, make sure you note where you have used an easier variation and see how your time improves. 

Having no rest will maximise fat burning potential. You'll not only get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing, but you'll also stoke your metabolism to keep burning calories for up to 24 hours after you've finished. You can do these equipment-free moves anytime, anywhere! So if you only have 10 minutes to spare then they are great workouts on their own!

10 Minute Fat Burn

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