2019 New Year Kick-Start Zone

Let's Start 2019 With a Bang!

Do you want to start 2019 in your comfort zone? Or do you want 2019 to be the year you become the fittest and best version of yourself?

My new website updates are coming this week and so excited that you will be able to pick a workout plan based on your goals.....but in the meantime start this plans and watch this space!

Starting on the 1st of January I will be launching my new 2019 Kick-Start Plan. Work out with me every day in January - 31 days to becoming fitter, leaner, healthier, more energised and in the best shape of your life. Start the year the way you mean to go on and you will continue to see life differently towards exercise and create results that can stick around for a lifetime.

Many of us start each new year with good intentions regarding our health and fitness. We make our New Year resolutions but all too often, life gets in the way, a few days of January slip by and the momentum is lost. The key to success is to start on day 1 and be consistent. Exercise is habit-forming and the endorphins that it creates not only make you feel happier and healthier, they are addictive too! The more often you engage in exercise, the faster it’s going to become an important part of your lifestyle and what seems like a chore will one day become a routine that will love.

The hardest part is creating that routine in the first place. Once you have it, you will crave to stick to it, so try your best to work hard right now to create that deep-rooted healthy habit!

What do I need to do?

Every day throughout January I have prepared a different activity for you. In each week you will have 4 days of online workouts, 2 live online classes and 1 active rest day. 

💙 Before you start the programme, please ensure you have watched the 'Basics' video (the first video in this zone).

💙 Now download and print off the 2019 New Year Kick-Start Plan Calendar. This can be found by clicking "Download Workout" on the 2019 New Year Kick-Start Zone Icon on the Fitness page. This calendar is your guide to the next 31 days, informing you which workout to complete on which day. 

💙 Before every workout, please ensure you complete the warm-up (second video in this zone).

💙 After every workout, please ensure you stretch out (complete the 'Post Stretch video in this zone).

💙 Within this zone, you will find an icon for each day of January. Here you will find the online workout video for that day and the downloadable pdf workout guide. Please ensure you download and print this before commencing each workout. Your goal is simply to complete the relevant workout for each day, on that day. 

💙 On January 1st you will complete a short fitness test. This test will be repeated on January 31st to see how much you have improved.

💙 Online Video Workouts - on 4 days each week you will complete a workout.  Each day, you can download and print the workout guide and complete the workout wherever and whenever you like or just watch the full instructed full length online video.

💙 Live Classes - on 2 days each week, Wednesdays and Sundays, you will join an online live class. These will be at 06.30 - 07.00 on Wednesdays and at 09.00 - 09.30 on Sundays. Don't worry if you can't make the class - it will be recorded and uploaded to this zone so you can always watch it on 'catch-up' later on. To view the live class, you will need to go to the 'Video of the Week' section which can be found about halfway down the homepage of this website. I recommend heading there around 5 minutes before the stated start time.

💙 Active Rest Days - each Thursday is an active rest day. You do not have to do a workout on this day but try and keep moving as much as possible. Take the lift instead of the stairs, go for a walk during your lunch break etc. If you are feeling super-active, I have included a 'bonus' workout for you on each of these days. Please feel free to complete this as well if you wish but it is entirely up to you - it does not form part of the main programme. 

💙 Any other questions? I am here to help - please email me at hello@myfitzone.co.uk

To take part, all you need to do is click on the link and register as a 'Premium' MyFitZone member using the code MFZKICKSTART. This will give you FREE 'Premium' membership to MyFitZone from now until 31st January.  

2019 New Year Kick-Start Zone

Please Note: The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program.