W FatShreds Beginner


You will need weights for this zone - or use tins or beans to get you started. In this zone you can expect challenging sessions that combine strength and high intensity interval training. These workouts are great fun and the time goes so quickly when you are in flow. You will get your heart rate up while building lean muscle and rev up your metabolism for hours after. 

The majority of these workouts are 30 minutes in length with a few going a little longer - if you are starting out then go for a light weight or even a tin of beans to get you going. I usually use 4 kg or 6 kg weights depending on the workout and I like to challenge myself by trying to stick to the same weight throughout. 

It is important to push yourself so you are lifting heavy enough that those last few reps are a struggle. The most important thing to think about though is to ensure you maintain form throughout all the moves. As soon as you feel your technique waning, re-compose yourself, take a short break and go again. 

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