Lower Body Zone


Your lower body acts as the base of your support as you walk, run and jump. Concentrating only on your upper body when you work out is a mistake. Your largest muscles are located in your lower body and they are essential in the movements you perform in day-to-day activities or in sports. 

When you strengthen your lower body, you are strengthening your largest muscles. Regular lower-body exercise also increases bone strength, improves your balance and stamina and decreases injuries to your knees and hips. Also, a strong lower body helps slow the physical weakness that is part of the ageing process and maintains balance, stamina and confidence.

Remember that majority of the workouts on this website are full body workouts so you get a lot of lower body strength building workouts in other zones too. Here I have tried to pick workouts that are specific to the lower body and will continue to add to this zone on a regular basis - but do use the other zones too. 

We all want a pert bottom don't we? Lets get going then! 

Lower Body Zone

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